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Small Tote Bag in Natural Badalassi Minerva Box Leather

Small Tote Bag in Natural Badalassi Minerva Box Leather

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This little guy is made from naked leather, meaning it has not been dyed. Leather like this patinas beautifully but you need to have a strong heart to own a bag made of naked leather.

Naked leather will change more than any other leather. It will darken with exposure to sun and stain more easily. Naked leather provides an opportunity to make each item truly unique to its owner. Treating it with a conditioner can help keep the bag from staining easily but it will darken the leather and the patina will develop differently than it would have originally. I recommend leaving the leather untreated and enjoy the process.

Stains can be painful but they are just a reminder of a moment in time etched into your bag.

The Valdibrana' Italian Vachetta leather straps are the perfect length for tossing onto the shoulder and feel comfortable in hand.

About the leather:

Minerva Box is a vegetable tanned leather from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. Their traditional tanning methods date back 100's of years and have been codified by the exclusive Pelle Vegetale Consortium

The top grade veg tan leather used in this product is full grain and has a supple feel with just the right amount of firmness. The Minerva Box leather is a vacchetta that is infused with a special blend of Italian fat wax, giving it the renowned hand and feel that vacchetta is known for. The natural pebbled texture of the grain adds depth and beauty to the leather, though it may vary slightly throughout the hide.

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