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Tupelo Leather

Minimalist Wallet With an Art Nouveau Flair in Badalassi Waxy Oiled Pull-Up Leather

Minimalist Wallet With an Art Nouveau Flair in Badalassi Waxy Oiled Pull-Up Leather

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Handcrafted wallet made from rich, rustic Badalassi Waxy Oil Pullup leather showing dark reds, browns and  warm black. The leather is thinly split (about 1mm) retaining the strongest most beautiful full grain top layer. This allows the wallet to be as thin, strong and beautiful as possible while minimizing any discomfort that occurs with thicker wallets.

Gently curved edges define the pockets. The back pocket on each side is snug and will hold your least used cards out of the way while the cards you use more often remain at your fingertips. The hidden inner pockets will keep other items out of the way but easily accessible. The edges have been nicely burnished providing a clean, finished product that will last many, many years safely stowed in your pocket ready to serve.

These gorgeous leather wallets are a pleasure to use, and they get better with time as they soften and develop a unique patina. As we say at Tupelo Leather, "Love the Patina!"

About the leather:

Waxy Vegetable Tanned Leather is a vegetable tanned leather from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. Their traditional tanning methods date back 100's of years and have been codified by the exclusive Pelle Vegetale Consortium

Crafted from the finest veg tan leather, this full-grain material offers a supple touch with a hint of firmness. Through meticulous milling, each piece displays a distinctive pull-up and rustic cracking effect, creating a stunning depth and developing a striking patina. Note that some areas may have slight differences in firmness to enhance the overall contrast.

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